Golden Beast Masks

Chinese Stone lions are children of the dragon in Asian mythology, also known as the golden lions. The majestic creature likes sitting in smoke, relying on censer, and “it’s a fearless lion.” said Buddha. The made old textures on the Golden Lion Masks represent the timelessness in Asian history, and the tradition elements of cloud and whisker are to enlighten the audience with ancient wisdom, dignity and bravery. The Golden Lion Masks are not only for display, but also wearable.

Home Craft

Home Craft is a dining utensil set that combines the Gold Paper culture with an industrial process. Unlike traditional craft based designs that emphasize the materials, Home Craft’s primary focus is the visual aspect. The Gold Paper craft is converted and incorporated into every utensil allowing the user to experience the beauty of the product.

Simple Limb

The expense of artificial limbs is still high, many poors and low-income families cannot afford it. Taiwan which has healthcare cannot offer the aids of the price and maintenance expense of artificial limbs to the people with disabilities that are in poverty, not to mention in third world countries. The circumstance causes a disadvantage position to people with disabilities competing with others and results the feel of inferior and helplessness.

5 acts in life

Living as design students, we noticed a lot of interesting details in our lives. We gathered up these details and related them to different topics of life. Through this people get to feel and resonate on what we are presenting, and as they start noticing the details in their lives, their lives will be more interesting as well.

Guardians of the mountains

Through this activity, we could not only see the beautiful scenery of Hsue-Shan
Mountain and Yu-Shan Mountain, but also the harsh truth of these mountains being polluted. We’ve gathered a group of mountain lovers to join us in this activity to bring back the beauty of the mountains.

Dream Recorder

Pointed of by the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, dream is the way to release the desires which are oppressed. Meanwhile, dream stimulate people’s real urge and the true meaning of dream itself.


Temptation,something that catches one’s eye and makes him or her stop to appreciate. We inherit ancestral intelligence by using traditional furniture to combine desk and modern streamline legs of table.


It makes the angle of the fan more varied and does not be limited by the problems of the angle and the direction.Using the structure of the gyroscope makes a 720-degree turn. It can make gas produce a spheroidal spin to accelerate the flow of indoor air.Making use of it is a dynamic enjoyment visually.


The reviving dinosaur symbolizes the rise of new generation. Using the digital technique, 3D printing, to build a vivid craft. With the mechanism of motive power, bring the new life into the falling dinosaur fossil. It is a new sense of beauty and a brand-new era.