The traditional oriental incense burning culture has caused environmental and health problems. The design of Glass Incense uses recycled glass to combine the existing aroma diffuser technic. Continuing the value of traditional culture, Minimize the pollution and health hazards, also create more possibilities in future life.


LITTLE EYE paper coloring posters accompany children in their exploration of the world. Each theme leads to fun and touching stories with the outlines as a guide.
Drawing is the language of children, color is imagination, and every stroke is the track of life.

Class Corner

Class Corner is a distance learning device that can provide primary school students a better interaction and experience during distance courses.

Students can interact with their teacher intuitively through a few gestures as if they were in the classroom and the interactive cube would give them instant feedback such as adding points and private calls to make them pay more attention during the class. This design is a set of better remote learning tools for children as distance learning becomes a need rather than an option.

-O- Taiwan Lake Plate Set

Lakes are a necessary type of water ecosystem, but Taiwanese people seldom know about the lakes in their own land; “O! Taiwan Lake Plate Set” uses Taiwan lakes as the theme of the plate and takes lakes into our daily life, not only to let people know more about the lakes in Taiwan but also to emphasize the importance of environmental issues.

The colorful gradient rice noodles

Gradient rice noodles are developed in cooperation with local manufacturers in Tainan. Using natural local ingredients to create colorful gradient rice noodles. The packaging design has a unique trapezoidal box shape and gradient color fabric characteristics. This design creates a brand image of elegance and uniqueness, and meets the needs of gift giving and personal consumption.

Trails Master

Using simple tools and local materials, volunteers work together under the manual work to preserve the natural environment. This content is written into booklets. By interviewing each honorary trail master, we discovered untold stories. So we present this through short documentary.

GOGO!Bird KaFe

“GOGO! Bird KaFe” is a wild bird conservation board game about “Taiwan Wild Birds” and “Environmental Current Issues”. Through the game, you can learn about common wild birds in Taiwan and learn to protect the environment. In the game, protect wild birds while walking through Taiwan, guard the wild bird neighbors around us, and promote Taiwan wild birds to the world!


A diversified service process APP with functions such as home appliance failure repair, regular maintenance, and appointment of a repair technician to the home service. To help consumers easily solve the problem of home appliances, it also proactively distances Hitachi from customers.


KOOBA is the magnetic tangram interactive educational toy. The biggest feature is through magnetic assistance, it’s different from the average of the traditional tangram , let children step into the field of stereoscopic space, and combined with AR and other digital software, so that children in a short period of time to learn, and have good parent-child interaction with their families.

River Purifier

This design is a vehicle that can be used with different filter units, which can purify the waters polluted by industrial wastewater. The vehicle is set to arrive at the scene as soon as the river pollution is notified to act as damage control to slow down further pollution in the river.