Love to death

In an abandoned city, there was a pair of zombie couples. They wanted to live a stable life like ordinary people. However, they encountered a human with a ferocious personality. In order to defend his family, the main character zombie decided to fight the enemy.

Flower by Man

In the endless process of creation; passion and doubt were the emotions we all will experience. Our story is about a craftsman that is eager to complete his work to the utmost perfection. Through changing and shifting of the surrounding, the story brought us into the character’s inner emotions and set foot the journey of his work.

Ant Hotel

Every individual has a way of dealing with lust. Some reject it, some resolve it with non-sexual methods, and some confront it through the help of a certain someone. However, this feeling will never disappear. By depicting the experiences of different characters, this film aim to present the sexual desire of human beings.


The process of returning the strange package made the main character start to think twice about his life. There were some emotions that he had ever had began to bloom in his heart.


To investigate from a different angle to the viewers, what is “True Justice and Love”.
Beginning with the perspective of the “Unlawful Mother”, motherly love was woven between
Black and White.

On the road

The son and the father driving on highway. The son keep asking questions, till he finally notices the changes on father’s body. The animation dubbing recorded the director and his father’s real interactive.

Under The Medal

The medal he possessed which was symbolic of the glory on the battlefield. However, the justice given by it sustained the equivalent sin as well.

Pursuing the medal of honor the old veteran stepped onto his shadow, recalling his military life along with the medal, which revealed the blurred justice hidden beneath the glory and cemented by the blood.


The feeling of the moment you have a crush on someone
Is as though the moment freezes and only she’s in your sight;
Is as though a crash into you like a train so you got a deranged mind;
Is as though your desolate and drowsy world go round once again of her drives…