The Legend of TAKEO

Combining stop-motion animation with interactive movies, re-depicting and retaining traditional images, expounding the modern new appearance of shadow puppetry, and then achieving the purpose of cultural inheritance.

Tales Of Awakening

Tales Of Awakening is an action game with realistic graphics, oriental theme mixed with sci-fi. Killing monsters in the abandoned world, with various execution options and modes available, pressing button in the certain timing to trigger special attack, the gameplay will get intense and exciting.

Revolution of Taiwan Traditional Instrument

This new generation of Moon Guitar has a new interactive type through electronization, replacing the strings with pressure-sensing feedback, and enabling it to convert Eastern and Western temperament. By sliding the edge of the Moon Guitar, the lights will also light up. Performers and audience can both interact with it.

Game Theory At Christmas

In order to participate in the game competition, let’s make a game with the theme of Game Theory. Originally thought so, but due to various complicated reasons. In the end it became a spoof game.

Because the game operation method is very intuitive and simple, I won’t introduce it here.


Because of an accident, Nymph touched the unlocked magic book and was dragged into the book world. Players will play as the Celestial Girl – Nymph explores the world in the book, solves the problems encountered through the depth of the screen, and finds a safe way to return home.

TRA APP for the Elderly

Statistics show that the train is the second most commonly used mode of public transportation among elderly people. However, the existing Taiwan Railway app is so user-unfriendly that it’s difficult to figure out even for young people, not to mention the elderly. We plan to build a new Taiwan Railway APP, based on a universal design, simplifying its processes and functions, making it convenient, practical, and intuitive for people of all ages.


“Aeruta” is a 2D side-scrolling game with pixel art. The protagonist can use a magic crystal called “Deltum” to operate various objects, and also use “Deltum” to carry out different types of attacks. “Aeruta” emphasizes the fluency and excitement of attack. Through the continuous attack and the operating system, players can control the enemy’s action to reach the combat cycle, thereby getting a fast-paced and exhilarating experience.

Blind Samurai

We designed an auditory-based VR game with novel interactive methods.The player will play the role of a blind samurai from the Japanese Sengoku period .The player needs to swinging the Katana to repel any ninjas by listening to ninjas’ position.


The flame is the soul, but the flame will eventually extinguish. You can only survive by absorbing the same source and subverting common sense.
As the game begins, the players must break the inherent visual image and thinking logic. Players can turn the world around to let the knight overcome obstacles. There are full of surprise and sense of accomplishment in the process.


Under this cursed land is the blood of the earth with extraordinary value. The blood will copy anything that it touches, and after it is collected, a big hand will be knocked down from the sky and destroy everything. But even if the curse exists, it can’t resist people’s desire to harvest the blood.


Nowadays, many people sit for a long time and have improper sitting postures, which may cause diseases and physical problems in the long run.
Acting as a reminder, we use apps and posters to let people know the serious consequences of having improper sitting habits. The Taoist culture encourages people to work out regularly, since sitting for a long time will cause body stiffness and degradation. In this work, we have a Taoist priest promote proper sitting postures and have zombies to convey the terrible consequences of sedentary and poor postures.