Tofu has been around for thousands of years but little has changed. TOFU redesigned the packaging and shape of tofu, subverting the public’s inherent impression of tofu, making tofu more interesting and creative when it is eaten with other ingredients, breaking the square frame of tofu.


RE:mark(able) promotes using punctuation marks in different ways. In addition to knowing the genuine function of each punctuation mark, they could understand those marks have emotions through our designs. We hope that RE:mark(able) could help people get used to this culture, accept them, and eventually be willing to use them. Making punctuation marks become a part of people’s daily life.

Native Insect Compilation – 3D Puzzles of Taiwan Endemic Insects

Taiwan has a lot of colorful endemic insects, but they fail to draw people’s attention because of their generally unattractive appearances. We may not even notice their existence before they might disappear from this Formosa island. For the purpose of introducing the public to the great biodiversity of the island, 10 endemic insects of different families are selected for the project to allow everyone to learn more about Taiwan’s endemic insects through the design and a DIY experience.


Rice waves are the fluctuations which caused when the rice fields are harvested, and the rice fields are the result of a lot of hard work. We walk our own road with different choices, and through the path we have developed to build the future.


The design of the new local font “Sound Font” by a group of saucy hearts, is to depict the everyday Taiwanese sauciness. The “SOUND” special issue records the inspiration and design progress of “Sound Font”, a font by saucy writers of the time, created for the era.


Visualizing the regular frequency of white noise as the core idea, we design two series and ten styles. Through the paper carving of geometric and organic figures, and the corresponding sound animation, people can relax their mind and body.

Deity Garments

The embroidery patterns and needlework of Tainan’s deity garments are the most distinctive symbols of Taiwan’s traditional craftsmanship and culture. This creation reinterprets the beauty of traditional art by converting embroidery and auspicious motifs, combining them with binding design and an interactive toolkit for readers.


Plastic products account for about 60 percent of human life.Besides high technical thresholds, it is also difficult for the public to access the production, thus causing an inadequate understanding of plastic products, which is of extensive usage.The scrap that remains from mass production is something that most people have never seen in their memories of plastic.We take these non-human products as the basis of art forms, enabling the undefined organic objects to arouse the public’s sense of plastic usage from distinctive outlooks.


Since animals are popular with children, we combine animal facts with rulers which are for learning quantity, units of measurements in elementary school. Meanwhile, we add interactive structure in order to derive great pleasure from using ruler. We hope children will enjoy learning math and know diverse species of animals on earth.

Catchy Crust

Taiwan is an island full of natural resources, containing eleven of the twelve soil types found around the world. To help explaining the variety of soil types to the public, we have focused on demonstrating this through food. Each biscuit has a different appearance and texture aligned with the different soil types found around the island. Through eating these, the consumer will develop a better appreciation of each soil variety.