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After a couple breaking up,a men was enrage,in his mind that he had killed the woman, but that he has not been relieved but more painful,so he move the time back before the woman was died,this time he decided to become a hero, who save her was killed by himself.


This video visits to shoot some master who still trying to save the typography , introduce a complete printing process, discuss and record the traditonal Chinese letterpress in Taiwan.


In recent years, environmental destruction have gotten worse and worse, and although environmental awareness has risen, but the littering is still seen everywhere. Plastic bottles are easy to buy and to carry, that is a must-have for people nowadays.

Happy Journal

By leading users to write in a reviewing style, keeping diary helps reflecting ourselves. Happy Journal is aim to encourage positive aspect on life as well as a safe house to be sad.

Hear Me

Hear Me is a innovation specifically designed for hearing-impaired people. It provides sign language interpretation assistance, automatic danger tetection, and verbal learning & pronunciation correction. It helps the hearing-impaired people learn their profession with ease, and build good relationships with people around them


When we are out of the classroom , there are many things that are worth learning .But it is more joyful to share the joy than keep it to oneself.We let the knowledge become to touch and easy to share , so we will packed knowledge into a card , and making more sense to deliver what we want to express . when someone receives the cards , he / she will not just receive the cards but also absorb new knowledge .

One thing

“Most people see and remember the ‘bad’ moments in details, because they did not see the ‘good’ well enough.” There are only 24 hours in each day, and somewhat we allow news media’s pomposity and falsehood to take up most of our time, gradually making us part of the vulgar environment. If we introduce more good news into the same day, perhaps our days can also become more delightful.


YODEX provides an industry-academic platform this year, I chose to emphasize the connecting between both sides, and focused on the idea of synthesizing things. There are two quotes from Steve Jobs in the key visual, which correspond with the idea I would like to convey.

Taiwan Yao-so Good Mythical Spirits of Taiwan

As we all know Taiwanese culture and it’s traditions are slowly beginning to disappear. Our team has selected eight taiwanese mythical spirits and revamped their style, like telling old stories in a new way. Each design has a scary tale to tell. instead of giving them the typical scary face we opted to show you an eery yet playful vibe by giving them funny and unique expression to introduce a different side of Taiwanese culture to the viewers.


“100”, the inspiration, signifies fulfillment. Each is pure, and infinitive. The enthusiasm and creativity wake up the ideas to the spring. Years ideas circulate, overlap and color the spring field.
‘0’, the ideas shape into dewdrops and perfect the coming seasons.

Guardians of the mountains

Through this activity, we could not only see the beautiful scenery of Hsue-Shan

Mountain and Yu-Shan Mountain, but also the harsh truth of these mountains being polluted. We’ve gathered a group of mountain lovers to join us in this activity to bring back the beauty of the mountains.
The activity will be published as a picture book; public could share the beauty and sadness of Taiwan Mountains with us, even the spirits and hope of the mountain lovers. The trashes from the mountains will be transformed into postcard to deliver the concept of environmental protection.


“NON” combines “NO” and “ON” – a mashup of nothing and everything – just like the word “chaos” mashes up meanings of “disorder” as well as “a higher order” of universe.This design takes the notion of bread dough in the form of clouds and chaos: its origin and the kneaded.

Linger in the Mist

Linger in the Mist is a collection of ambience light that combines smoke with two themes – iceberg and vocano. And, “Smoke” is ethereal and mystic. Beauty is no longer ephemeral. In the fleeting misty air, every gesture of the delicate wisps of smoke is captured.

Spring Cape

Wet spots on the floor, often very difficult to make out, are one of the main reasons for accidents in public areas. Even if a warning sign is in place, the wet area remains a potential safety hazard. Because on the one hand it is hard to make out where the slippery part begins and on the other hand the traditional warning is not easily notable for everyone.