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We are all hedgehogs who are inseparable from lust, friends ,family and homeland. And we want to find a position where we can get along with others.

Another Space

The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover. It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.-STRAY BIRDS by Rabindranath Tagore


The protagonist is a senior citizen who suffers from Alzheimer disease. One day he leaves his house, suddenly realizing his home is very unfamiliar with a weathered door. As he opens the door a maze intriguingly appears in front of him. And his house seems to stand beside the remote cliff edge. In order to return home, he embarks his unknown journey.


Through “characters”, we express and communicate regardless of the constraints of time and space. Characters exist in our daily life, so they are often ignored. By design, let us change our perspective and re-examine characters from different ways so as to recognize the familiar yet unfamiliar character culture.

Ecology Latoratory Of Community

When social media posts are full of negative thoughts and become like the survival battlefield of bloodsucking insect. The bloodsucking insects keep survive with the “like” we clicked. Therefore, the laboratory selected three kinds of offensive postings that is described as different ecological habits bloodsucking insect. Then add interactive games and stories. Let people who spread annoying posts reflect upon themselves.

Carved Memories

Long times ago, few friends traveled together to Pingxi and they were surprised that Pingxi Line has a historic and beautiful line . It retains a rich history,culture,nature etc. we desire to record the moment and share with more people.In addition, we choose to use Engraved Woodblock to interact the memories of Pingxi,We thought that Engraved Woodblock just like mining process in Pingxi. It’s the record Pingxi of Craved Memories.

The lights of Taiwan

Have you been noticed the street lights nearby? All of them are different.Standing in silence, they lighten our way every day; however, most of us doesn’t stay for a while and pay attention to them.To record those particular lights, we visited sixty villages and towns in Taiwan, and draw them with local attractions. We hope to remind people to look up and admire those beautiful lights with us.

zI xin ying

Lots of people generally think learning is open book and took the theory in our mind, however, in this way to learning things is boring and it is not necessary a good way, therefore we have a conception is about the Chinese words, we combined the product with the word to make it new. In this idea, people can be more interesting for learning Chinese and it is the better way to let people learn than before.


CHEER UP, the initial inspiration of happiness. From happy to happiness, design is an inspiriting power that changes our lives as an expedition.

Angry Ink

Punching the posters when you angry, and then the color which hide in back of the poster will rupture, leading to an amazing result, like some words, strokes.

Syrian Refugees Crisis

Use Designer angle to discuss to One of the world’s largest incident “refugee issue”.And refugee status are currently encountered as a starting point, creation of three posters for the series.

Under the water

Forwarding slowly on the bottom of the ocean, I watched all kinds of creatures swimming or waving at ease. In the world of silence, I felt the unique and unpredictable rhythm of the natural habitat. My work is combined with the construction of modules and metal jewelry. It is about the image of ocean, tracing back to the form of organic aesthetic to express the recollection of ocean and recall the afterimage in the past.

kill of the night

Inspired by the scene of the crime and the killer movies,design element is the blockade and scene scenery.It was primarily intended to convey an atmosphere of dark death.

Hyperhearty Post-teens

Inspired by 《The Advertisement Says: “____”, Old Brands, Chic Goods, Marketing Strategies. Look at the Modern Life of Taiwan During Japanese Colonial Period》.From the angle of view of the contemporary media , perceiving the messages that passed in the old days and the important intermediacy for the people and their daily lives, Modern and Vintage style immix, emanating a kind of adorable atmosphere.