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Inflatable Stretcher

When an accident occurs, the rescuer’s emotions and strains may not be able to properly rescue. The inflatable stretcher integrates ambulance supplies and fixed equipment, it is expected that when an incident occurs, it can be quickly taken in the form of a bag, and calmly follow the instructions on the stretcher to correctly rescue.


LightAid aims to help rescuers perform more efficient bystander CPR. By using Pascal’s law in a hydraulic system to enhance the force, rescuers can reserve more energy to perform longer effective CPR. LightAid also comes with a built-in AED to increase a patient’s survival rate.

Balance Wheelbarrow

When farmers use the wheelbarrow, the goods are often overturn due to the bumpy ground, which makes the crops harvested by farmers​ are back to square one. Therefore, the design uses a swing device to make the wheelbarrow have a buffer effect when they passing through the bumpy ground, so that the harvest more stable and smooth.


TUNNEL KEEPER is a high-mobility fire rescue vehicles design for the tunnel environment. It integrates the fire-fighting equipment inside the tunnel to improve the rescue efficiency. The unique body design which includes side smoke exhaust device, water mist equipment and CAFS system, protect the firefighter from high heat and heavy smoke caused by traffic accident. Moreover, it is designed to combine the fire hydrant in the tunnel to prevent the spread of the fire at the initial stage, as well as assist people to escape and transport the injuries, reduce the casualty, and improve the accessibility of rescue.

GSVENDER – Small street vendor of motorcycles

The sidewalk vendors in a traditional market usually display fruits and vegetables on the floor and use motorcycles to ship goods. Such a layout is not clean and neat. This esthetic and functional design of a motorcycle can help the farmers to sell their products in a convenient and hygiene way.


HuJing is facing the dilemma of lack of fish catches and migration of population. The tourism industry has become the economic source of the island.
Military facilities on the island’s tourism assets, and the local characteristic houses become a space for dumping and abandoning things.
Evolve in response to the new needs of people in the change of land with new landscapes

Dapu Artist Village

In this project, our purpose is to redefine art and break the invisible distance between people and artworks. Thus, we decided to put different possibilities in this village, included art studios, galleries, shared kitchen, movie house, etc. Then, try to think of if we could create this place that included artists, residents, and tourists then let them communicate with each other. Perhaps we would find out that an unique relationship that can only exist in Dapu village has been made.

Explore and commune with nature

The population of water activities makes us start to think about how to eliminate the opposition of human and environment. Overcome the unknown and the fear of ocean, also appreciate the secret of the nature. 
By using the concept of defeated architecture to create and combine the relationship of ocean and land. The design itself can make visitors to truly feel the beauty of the nature.


Changchun Taiwan railway dormitory building, one of the most historical assets in Taiwan, has restored the forgotten memorable and energetic sensorial scenario. Taking its distinctive architectural characteristics from different eras into consideration, we modify the entrance of the original building. By a series of modifications – offsetting, shrinking, we create a new set of connections, that would not only preserve the historical part of the architecture but also synthesize modern tectonics. Providing dwelling space for the native, sustaining the vitality of the village and the building.

Prefabricated Void

Through the “Void”, the social distance between people is more flexible, the mentality and community environment are also improved. At the same time, it promotes different levels of shared space, so that Taiwan’s traditional multi-housing can be transformed into resilience to cope with various emergencies. community.

Daily Dialogue Gallery

The design is the dialogue field between the inside and the outside in the Huajiang community, creating an ambiguous space outside the traditional consultation room, from objects, sights, to penetration, and to develop people’s inner to be healed and to self-healing. A new form of psychotherapy field.

Go Up Go Down

The combination of the metal mesh and the bamboo. Using the industrialized manufacturing logic production process to make bamboo weaving process that can be infinitely spliced and enlarged. Bamboo weaving is no longer limited to the frame but can grow together with the frame.

Repair Bamboo Charcoal

“Repair Bamboo Charcoal” is for reusing the damaged bamboo charcoal and attempting to change the form of bamboo charcoal in the home. Let the tin flow into the gaps of the bamboo charcoal pieces that re-repair and join the bamboo charcoal, but also reinforce the structural force.

Tuwn Zhan

Through the series of works to present a process from alienation to closeness, slowly wrapped in nature. Surrounded by metal from the start, the image of restraint is expressed, and as each work decreases in brass, it becomes more open and embraces nature.

Mountain’s Mind

There are many precious trees in Taiwan,especially cypress. However,timber trespass is still ongoing.Which can cause cypress trees become fewer and fewer.So I design these fabrics and hope to represent these beautiful trees.