Bilid — Rattan Room Divider

(Bilid — Rattan Room Divider)

BILID is double side rattan room divider designed for indoor space with two different pattern of rattan material.
by using pattern of rattan that can be decorate the house in two ways,
with 7 tint colors combination that blended two contrast warm & cool tone together to represent unity.




A conversation between steel and bamboo.

Steelbamboo uses the best qualities of each material to create a simple and minimal form. Through precise drilling and joint intersections of steel and bamboo inspired by old wooden home construction, the entire 3 meters long structure is held together by only two pins in the middle. By adopting this joint technique, material waste such as glue, screws and off-cuts for example, are eliminated and reduced in the production line for this design.

Ternary Dining Chair

A weather resistant outdoor/indoor dining chair – Being made from high-quality aluminum and woven with synthetic rattan or synthetic rope (Olefin Rope) come together in with a harmony, balance and perfection of proportion that reflect traditional craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing technology.