Eiger’s Ecosavior 45 is a 45-liter backpack that is designed with eco and sustainability concepts in mind. The fabric, buckle accessories, and webbing strap are made from recycled PET plastic bottles. With the processing and use of bamboo material that is deeply rooted in the traditions of Indonesian society, as well as its abundance and availability, this inspired Eiger to collaborate with the local craft industry to develop a backpack frame made from sustainable bamboo material.

ring sharing ceremony wedding rings

A couple can complete their wedding rings by dividing one ring into two by their own hands. This process leaves a small trace, which is turned into a part of the ring’s design and strengthens the couple’s bond through the memory of common experience.  This wedding ring is manufactured by using the 400-year-old Japanese metalsmithing skill of “Mokume Gane”, creating beautiful wood grain patterns by layering many different color metals and forging them together.