MAiRA, Multi-Sensing Intelligent Robotic Assistant

MAiRA, Multi-sensing Intelligent Robotic Assistant, is the first commercially available cognitive robot. Thanks to the advanced AI and in-house developed sensors, MAiRA can fully perceive surroundings and adapt the behavior to a changing environment. The 100% safe human-robot collaboration is possible thanks to the revolutionary human detection technology. Easy programming, voice, gesture control systems create infinite possibilities for interaction: both for beginners and experts.

MAV, Multi-Sensing Autonomous Vehicle

MAV is a Multi-Sensing Autonomous Vehicle which is used for indoor intralogistics tasks. It can autonomously transport items and navigate freely in its environment. It is a robotic assistant, which will make the life of people working within production sites easier and therefore streamlines production. Every second of a standing conveyor belt leads to an overall production stop since the operations are cascaded. Its design and advanced awareness make it an outstanding product.