Tara Villa

Tara Villa focuses not only to design a physical structure, but to create spaces among functions. The architecture encourages the concept of the design to pay more attention and spend extra time to things along the pathway, related to the quote that the journey is more important than the destination. The interesting idea of the project is the use of the material from the leftover soil in its property into the unique yellow rammed earth walls which becomes the project characteristic.



Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport combines a marketplace and paradise garden to create a new center – “the heart and soul” of Changi Airport. Jewel establishes a new paradigm for community-centric airport design, extending the airport’s principal function as a transit hub to create an interactive civic plaza and marketplace, combining landside airport operations with expansive indoor gardens and waterfall, leisure facilities, retail, restaurants, and a hotel as well as other spaces for community interaction.



The awarded projects of this year’s are the indispensable components, the ‘yarns’ or ‘bricks’, that form the foundation and bedrock of Hong Kong Architecture, encouraging peers to keep up with the standard of excellence in generating our city fabric.