HP 11 Tablet PC

The HP 11-inch tablet PC is the next revolution in the X2 detachable tablet category, designed for your on-the-go lifestyle. With an aluminum chassis, beautiful display, and AI-enabled camera to help you look your best, the tablet is optimized for video calls, one-handed typing, and inking to express your most creative self.

Elite Dragonfly Folio 3:2

The Elite Folio is both familiar and unique at the same time. It resembles a standard clamshell laptop, but look closer and you find that the screen pulls forward to bring it closer for touch and pen interaction. Or lay it completely flat for a true tablet experience using the wirelessly charged, magnetically attached pen that is right there above the keyboard. The device enables the hybrid work model where it can be connected to an external display for ultimate collaboration in any usage mode.

Huion Inspiroy 2

Huion Inspiroy 2是一系列數位板,包括3款新機型,面向入門級創意工作者。Inspiroy 2 具有滾輪、3組鍵和8個可程式設計按鍵,將大大提高繪圖效率。因此,平板電腦可廣泛應用於插圖、平面設計、工業設計、圖像編輯、遊戲製作等領域。